Don Ryvcko – Selena

Don Ryvcko – Selena

Happy Wednesday!! The best part about having a music platform is discovering incredible music. Hearing high level skills from all over and hearing artists like Don Ryvcko who sounds like a star in the making, as he delivers a rap smash on his new song “Selena”.

Don Ryvcko is a bilingual Hip Hop/ R&B artist who is an amazing talent the world should be familiar with. On his latest song “Selena” he blends genres together to give an ode to the Latina superstar in a real way. The music feels good to listen to in the production, and his commanding presence with the flow and melodic approach, that delivers the lyrically masterfully for the listener to enjoy.

Don Ryvcko’s “Selena” is a true display of musical craftsmanship with him delivering an undeniable performance at every level. His flow is packed with bravado, the lyrics are incredible, and a must hear for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Don Ryvcko “Selena below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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