Moodssupply featuring Montéa – Forever

Moodssupply featuring Montéa – Forever

Music is at it’s most fun when you can get lost in. When the grooves and melodies make all of your problems go away and make you get swept up in the music. That type of music will always be special for the listener, and a special jam is what you get from Moodssupply on the new song “Forever” featuring Montéa.

Moodssupply links with Montéa to bring you an infectious record, you won’t be able to ignore on the new song “Forever”. The music sounds like modern day disco, that’s filled with bright lights and high energy that will make you dance to the music ends. The vocal tons are just right and make magic for every second on this must hear record.

Moodssupply featuring Montéa “Forever” is the perfect record to add to your favorite dance playlist. It’s everything that makes music fun, and enjoyable from the great production, amazing vocals, and the writing that is perfect to illustrate the art they’re giving to the world.

Check out Moodssupply featuring Montéa “Forever” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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