B1GJuice – Run (Official Video)

B1GJuice – Run (Official Video)

Part of being an artist is being fearless. Understanding as much as music is about showing your talent, it’s also truly important to use your voice for change to empower the listener. B1GJuice has always showed a high understanding of this, and with his talent video “Run” he takes you deeper than ever.

B1GJuice has always brought good music to the site, but on his latest song “Run” he makes some of his realest art to date. B1GJuice is powerful on this latest song as he tackles police brutality, and gun violence in a real way, to be the voice we need right now. The music is still high quality with the production having soul, the flow overflowing in conviction, and the lyrics that bring it all to life for you.

B1GJuice’s “Run” is everything the people need right now. He brings a realism to the music that can’t be faked, as you hear in every line how much he cares, and wants to be a guide for the people of the world, to help us navigate as much as possible.

Check out B1GJuice “Run” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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