All Of The Lights (Artist Of The Week) 07/27/20 – Raldi

All Of The Lights (Artist Of The Week) 07/27/20 – Raldi

All of the Lights is our way of showcasing the top artist of the week. That artist who embodies musical excellence in either Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, Pop, Latin,or R&B. There were a lot of amazingly talented individuals, as well groups that were worthy of this honor, but we could only choose one. For the week of July 27th the artist selected is Raldi!

Raldi is an incredible artist and songwriter out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania who is a must hear. He has a knack for not only high class emceeing, but making hits that the world will love. On his new song “Wastamatta” he lets his talents shine in a real way, that made him a clear choice for our artist of the week.

Congratulations to Raldi being the All of the Lights Artist of the week!

Check out the original article on Raldi on his song “Watsamatta” and follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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