Raldi – Watsamatta

Raldi – Watsamatta

Happy Saturday!!! Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend so far, amidst these crazy times. With so much going on life seems to move so fast, that it takes something incredible to make you slow down. That’s what you get from Raldi on his new song “Watsamatta”, that you have to slow down and enjoy.

Raldi lets his creativity shine on full bloom on his new song “Watsamatta”. The vocal approach catches you right away, with his good raps, and melodic approach that make you vibe out instantly. The writing is on point and shows his knack for making hits, with writing that makes you want to learn the lyrics quick, over this chill ambient production that makes for the perfect score.

Raldi’s “Watsamatta” is that fresh music from a new artist that makes you pay attention to see what they will do next. He shines bright in not only the audio but the visuals as well, to craft together a musical experience you must be apart of.

Check out Raldi “Watsamatta” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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