Jessie G – Third Eye

Jessie G – Third Eye

A high caliber artist isn’t an artist that just showcases an amazing amount of talent. It’s also an artist utilizes their talent to the fullest, to craft together music that has substance, and giving a word when the people hear it. That’s what makes super emcee Jessie G a high caliber talent with his new song “Third Eye” being the perfect statement.

Jessie G blesses us with some of his most powerful music to date on his new song “Third Eye”. It’s the perfect record to show where conscious awareness and entertaining music meet. The music is engaging for every second, as he delivers each powerful line, with masterful execution to make sure the people feel the music how they’re supposed to on this undeniable record.

Jessie G’s “Third Eye” is a daring piece of musical art, that is for the people. The rhymes are incredible like always, but has an extra level of power to it when the world needs it most. The flow is high powered and the perfect representation of Jessie’s continual amazing artistry.

Check out Jessie G “Third Eye” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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