Nony Flow – Discoteca

Nony Flow – Discoteca

Summer is here and people want to dance. People want to feel good during these festive times and need the music that will make it happen. So much good music coming to make the people move but the super talented Nony Flow has a song that outshines the pack with the new song “Discoteca” that make the world move.

Nony Flow is truly phenomenal with their new song “Discoteca”. Giving you just a rocking jam of musicianship that will have you grooving. The sound is big and sounds tailor made to rock the world, with great songwriting that is delivered by an amazing vocal cadence, over an incredible production that makes this a song you want to hear repeatedly.

Nony Flow’s “Discoteca” is a song you not only must hear but truly owe it to yourself to hear if you need good music in your life. Nony’s talents shine like the season we’re in, with rocking grooves that you can’t stop listening too . A true master class of music is what they gives you in the music, as he crafts the ultimate jam.

Check out Nony Flow “Discoteca” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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