Jidé – Bands On Me

Jidé – Bands On Me

A good place to be as an artist, is people expecting high quality music whenever you drop. Seeing your new release and knowing that the music, will become an instant favorite. That type of reputation doesn’t go to many, but Jidé is a proven safe pick for dope music with his latest release “Bands On Me” being another great release.

Jidé crafts together a record his ever growing fanbase will eat up on his new song “Bands on Me”. He’s comfortable in his style, and it shines through in the music, with him being right in pocket with his melodic vocal approach adding a soul, over this smooth to production to make music that sounds like new age blues.

Jidé “Bands on Me” is a record that has an overflow of vibes that you will enjoy for every second. It’s an increidble addition to his discography, as well as a record to showcase his amazing talent. The writing s slicker than ever, the vocal approach is just right, and the production is the perfect place for this all take place on.

Check out Jidé “Bands on Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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