Matilde Girasole – Cup Of Tea

Matilde Girasole – Cup Of Tea

Where a song can go is endless, but some music is just special. Some music, doesn’t waste a single second, and shines immediately, while it grabs your full attention. That type of record never gets old and Matilde Girasole has that type of fresh music on her new song “Cup Of Tea”.

Matilde Girasole crafts together an instant favorite on her new song “Cup Of Tea”. The production is packed with synths that give the music, a big time feel that’s perfect for Matilde’s vocals that pack appeal. Her presence is felt in a big way with her amazing singing delivering the songwriting in supreme fashion.

Matilde Girasole’s “Cup Of Tea” is a record that can go to anyplace in the world. The sound breaks barriers, and makes for a one of a kind audio experience that you will be thankful to be apart of. It’s magic in every facet of song making to make a record with unlimited replay value.

Check out Matilde Girasole “Cup Of Tea” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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