Kid Travis – Galaxy

Kid Travis – Galaxy

With music being so subjective, it’s easy to leave songs to one’s opinion to enjoy or not. As much as the average record lies on one’s opinion, some music is just so good you can’t deny it. So good that trying to not like the music says more about you, than the actual record you’re hearing. Kid Travis has one of those amazing kind of tunes on his new song “Galaxy”.

Kid Travis shows genius level talent on his new song “Galaxy”. His vocal performance grabs you in instantly, with amazing tone that has the right amount of soul to get lost in. The writing is brilliant, in it’s ability to be relatable for the masses to feel, with everything take place over this smooth production full of vibes.

Kid Travis “Galaxy” is a must hear record for anyone who loves good music. It doesn’t waste a single second of your time, with each passing moment being enjoyable to the fullest. If you need a new favorite song to get invested in, then stop your journey here and take in this stellar piece of audio.

Check out Kid Travis “Galaxy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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