Awich – Shook Shook (Official Video)

Awich – Shook Shook (Official Video)

Having this platform means you get a front row seat to greatness. Being able to hear talent from all over, and witness incredible music daily. An artist who fits that is Japanese female emcee Awich who creates an instant classic the world must witness on her new song “Shook Shook”

Awich brings skill that is beyond words on the new song “Shook Shook”. The pen is beyond impressive, with each line being it’s own respectable quote. With her lyrics that are packed with bravado, she beings a super swaggy flow that was tailored for her rhymes to perfection, with each line being delivered precisely to the point you feel them all in a real way.

Awich’s “Shook Shook” is a Hip Hop record that holds nothing back. She steps up and unapologetically fires off incredible bars that make it a must hear. From the hard production that sets the tone, incredible rhyming, and a super packed flow that makes this record hit the mark in every way.

Check out Awich “Shook Shook” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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