Malcolm Anthony – Wicked (Official Video)

Malcolm Anthony – Wicked (Official Video)

The perception of musical greatness is a thing that’s truly up to the listener. Whatever ones taste is and whatever they are looking for when they listen to music. If you’re looking for music with substance and dares to be great, then you will enjoy every second of Malcolm Anthony’s new song “Wicked”.

Malcolm Anthony shows true artistry with his new song “Wicked”. He’s able to capture hard issues and pain, while still being musically intact to do genius level work. The song writing is deep and everything the people need right now with the climate of the world we are in. The flow is still intact but has a rawness to it that makes it human, with conviction you can feel that drives it all home.

Malcolm Anthony’s “Wicked” is some of his finest work to date. He’s able to show his wide range of artistry and shows just as well, as he can step up and rip any track, he can also make deep thoughtful records that makes him the complete package as an emcee.

Check out Malcolm Anthony Wicked” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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