Jamal Gasol – Angela Flowers (Prod. JLVSN)

Jamal Gasol – Angela Flowers (Prod. JLVSN)

Two things that will always go to together is incredible lyricism and soul beats. The two go hand and hand in making an instant Hip Hop smash. It’s something about a rapper throwing on a beat and really going for his, that will always connect in a major way. That type of music is a rarity in these times but if you ever need that feel look no further than Jamal Gasol new song “Angela Flowers”.

Jamal Gasol has a supreme commanding presence on his new song “Angela Flowers”. Jamal is masterful in his execution, as he delivers his bravado filled lyrics that you feel in every bar on this new record. The production courtesy of JLVSN sets the perfect tone, with a super smooth soulful feel, that he raps over with the ultimate conviction to deliver everything just right, to add the special soul to take the song to the next level.

Jamal Gasol’s “Angela Flowers” is that Hip Hip that embodies the core of Hip Hop in a real way. It’s everything that makes people fall in love with the genre, from the soulful production that you can let rock, the emceeing that can rock any crowd, and the right lyrics that makes people feel on top of the world.

Check out Jamal Gasol “Angela Flowers” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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