Chuck iNDigo – Bad to the Bone

Chuck iNDigo – Bad to the Bone

As many artist that come out daily, some artists are just supreme. Within seconds of hearing them you know, they’re above the average you here on the regular and know that you’re witness to something special. That feeling doesn’t come around often but if you need to see it, then check out Chuck iNDigo on his new song “Bad to the Bone”.

Chuck iNDigo is beyond words on his new song “Bad to the Bone”. He truly embodies the title of this record, with him flexing his lyrical prowess, and showing he’s in another class of emceeing most don’t make it too. The flow is exciting for every single second of audio, as he takes an exhilarating approach to deliver his masterful pen that can shake the world.

Chuck iNDigo’s “Bad to the Bone” is that next level music that you can’t deny for a second. He’s masterful in his execution to give the people an instant classic record. If you’re familiar with his work this is the high quality, you’ve come to expect but if this is your first time hearing him, you are about to find your new favorite rapper.

Check out Chuck iNDigo “Bad to the Bone” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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