CHAII – Lightswitch

CHAII – Lightswitch

Music is all about being creative. Showing the world how special your mind and style is to create records they fall in love with. As much as music can be a copycat trendy thing, it’s still the music made by creatives and innovators that moves everything forward. An artist that has that special creative thing is CHAII with her new song “Lightswitch”.

CHAII has the super presence of stars on her new exciting record “Lightswitch”.  The music is exhilarating and infectious, with uptempo production that sets the perfect tone for CHAII to give a must hear performance. The lyrics are fun and the flow approach has that engaging charisma that makes it an impossible record to run away from.

CHAII’s “Lightswitch” is an incredible piece of audio art that you get when an artist is fearless, and loves what they do. It’s a standout song from an amazing talent that is sure to be a break out star.

Check out CHAII “Lightswitch” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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