Jeru The Damaja – POWER

Jeru The Damaja – POWER

An emcee who understands their power, is a dangerous person. Understanding how powerful their pen can be, and using it to make change, is everything that Hip Hop was built on. That revolutionary feeling is everything that helps people get through, and that power shines bright from Jeru The Damaja on his new song “POWER”.

Jeru The Damaja can’t be denied on his new song “POWER”. His presence is commanding, as he speaks truth in every word, with every word being delivered with authentic conviction. The pen is sharp, thought provoking, and drops gem all over this hard production that plays the perfect stage, for the picture he brings to life.

Jeru The Damaja’s “POWER” is the glue that keeps Hip Hop together. He uses his power not only to make amazing music for the people, but also using his voice to be the messenger the people need more now than ever.

Check out Jeru The Damaja “POWER” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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