Shaolinn – Retro Love

Shaolinn – Retro Love

So many different forms of music are released daily, but nothing beats a record that you can feel. No matter the emotion, just a record that has some soul to it will always do, and Shaolinn has a record that takes you back to music feeling good to hear on the new song “Retro Love”.

Shaolinn takes a retro sound and puts her on creative spin on it to make magic, on the new song “Retro Love”. The bright throwback production sets the perfect tone, with the music having the perfect blend of Pop and Soul, to make it unforgettable. The vocals are perfect as they deliver the perfect songwriting to make this record a sure hit.

Shaolinn’s “Retro Love” is the right record at the right time , that will go far. It exceeds in musical greatness at every turn to make it a record that will last for time to come. If you want good music, and catch the next big thing in music, check out this record now.

Check out Shaolinn “Retro Love” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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