Lil West – Give It All Up

Lil West – Give It All Up

The current state of Hip Hop is always up for debate. With some considering music to be simplistic as ever. While the point can be argued, it can also be argued that artists are more honest and transparent in their music than they’ve ever been. With artists putting emotion in their music in a real way. Lil West’s new song “Give It All Up” showcases that to the fullest.

Lil West brings new age soul music on his new song “Give It All Up”. The production sets the perfect introspective tone, with the music making you slow down to think. With everything set Lil West gives it all and it comes across in the music, with each line being delivered with melodic conviction to make you feel the heart he put in to the record.

Lil West’s “Give It All Up” is the type of music that makes people connect with the artist, not only musically but the person as well. The authenticity he gives in the music can’t be faked, as he not only creates must hear music, but makes an emotional connection with the listener that can last a lifetime.

Check out Lil West “Give It All Up” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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