LZA – No Stress

LZA – No Stress

The energy in a record says everything. The way an artist approaches a record can come across the speakers in a real way, especially when it’s a record filled with conviction. That’s what you get from LZA on his new song “No Stress”.

LZA formerly known as L.A.N.C.E. brings some of his most impressive work to date on his new song “No Stress”. He’s poised and supremely focused as you can hear him going for the top, in real time on this amazing record. The presence is undeniable, with a commanding flow that oozes confidence, hearing the full belief in his pen, as he delivers each line to perfection to make it all felt like it’s supposed to.

LZA’s “No Stress” is next level music that can only come from an artist with supreme skill. It’s an uncompromising record, that doesn’t slack for a single second, with him giving his all to his fans to make sure they get the music they deserve from this creative who doesn’t miss.

Check out LZA “No Stress” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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