Cantrell – Birds Eye View

Cantrell – Birds Eye View

One of the best things about hearing an artist is consistency. An artist whose music you see, and before you hear it, are filled with anticipation from the amazing performance of music, you know you’re going to get. An artist who embodies that feel is Cantrell who never misses with the music, with his latest release “Birds eye View”.

Cantrell makes some of his most exciting music to date on his new song “Birds Eye View”. He sounds more focused than ever, as he takes on this engaging production and adds fireworks to it. The rhyming is golden, and the flow is exhilarating to make the music stand out as supreme, from other records out, as he shows he’s musically on another plateau.

Cantrell’s “Birds Eye View” is an incredible record that his old fans and new ones, will enjoy for time to come. He flexes his lyrical genius for every second of the record, to make it a must hear record that will get music lovers everywhere out of their seat.

Check out Cantrell “Birds Eye View” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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