ClutchooBandz – Like Lou

ClutchooBandz – Like Lou

Summer is in full effect and it’s packed with countless artist trying to make a banger for the season. A record that will be hotter than the weather, that can be an anthem for years to come. Just as much as artists are looking to make their mark, fans everywhere are looking for that next big thing as well. If you’re looking for that big Summer anthem, then you owe it to yourself to hear that new song from ClutchooBandz called “Like Lou”.

ClutchooBandz has an undeniable presence on his new song “Like Lou” He puts numbers on the board and, lives up to the title, as he gets busy on the mic to an incredible level. The flow is full energy and has the right amount of machismo, to deliver his incredible lyrics that are raw, real, and honest, that hit you in the chest with every line, as he puts the game on notice in a real way.

ClutchooBandz “Like Lou” is high standard rap at it’s finest. The production is hard and exciting, the flow is engaging, and the lyrics are sharp and pack a punch with every line. Clutchoo has crafted together a must hear track that every one will love.

Check out ClutchooBandz “Like Lou” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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