Tuco – Hide Away

Tuco – Hide Away

So much music drops, but there’s not a lot of impressive music. Music so good, you’re stuck in amazement and lost for words. Not many creatives have that feel but Tuco, definitely has that feel with his new undeniable smash “Hide Away”.

Tuco crafts together a record that is beyond words on his new song “Hide Away”. It’s brilliant in every way with him being able to paint a masterpiece with the music, that is bright and filled with life. The music creates a world around you that you enjoy every minute of, with him creating an instrumental like no other.

Tuco’s “Hide Away” is impressive engaging music, that makes the experience of finding music enjoyable. He lets all of his talents shine to make must hear audio on this synth packed work of art. This is music you must not go another day without hearing.

Check out Tuco “Hide Away” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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