ANNA featuring Rich The Kid – BANDO

ANNA featuring Rich The Kid – BANDO

To say Hip Hop is thriving is an understatement. Hip Hop Artists are more talented and successful as they’ve ever been, with this growing culture breaking every barrier possible. Not only is Hip Hop thriving, but the female artists who speak for the culture, are some of the leading faces of this game. A star that is emerging is ANNA with the new song “BANDO” featuring Rich The Kid.

ANNA connects with Rich The Kid to provide some major flavor with the new song “BANDO”. The collaboration is super swaggy, with them finding the perfect balance of great lyricism, with a major house sound as they craft a record that the masses can get lost in. The production has a nice bounce, that the pair float over to give you music that you want to hear.

ANNA featuring Rich The Kid “BANDO” is everything a collaboration is supposed to be. Two minds coming together to make one cohesive amazing sound, that takes the music to a supreme level. It’s everything people want to hear in music, and it’s the perfect record to play for any party, any part of the world.

Check out ANNA featuring Rich The Kid “BANDO” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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