Day Lee – Bad Vibes

Day Lee – Bad Vibes

There’s so many different ways an artist can connect with you. Some music can just connect with you based on the mood you’re in and some music can connect with you, because you feel the artist’s energy and melodies. That’s what you get from Day Lee on his super relatable record “Bad Vibes”.

Day Lee is a talented artist who makes must hear music on his new song “Bad Vibes”. Day’s confidence and charisma in the music helps him shine perfectly, as he maneuvers through this track with ease with his style being on full bloom on this record, that is a nice modern day flip of the Nelly classic song “Dilemma”.

Day Lee’s “Bad Vibes” is an amazing display of all of his talents as an artist from his lyrics, amazing melodic approach, and great delivery. He gives you all that you could want from an artist and more, on this record that people will connect to.

Check out Day Lee “Bad Vibes” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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