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Happy Monday! Hope everyone is starting the week off right. As much as Mondays can be a drag, we try to bring music that will add life to the week to help get you started. All of those good vibes you can get from the new Marvin Klein and Umberto record called “Don’t Call Me Baby”.

Marvin Klein and Umberto are able to come together and take a familiar sound, and add innovation to it on the new song “Don’t Call Me Baby”. The grooves are infectious and feel good to the soul as soon as you hit play. The vocals are just right and are a match made in heaven with the music that will keep you rocking from start to finish.

Marvin Klein and Umberto “Don’t Call Me Baby” lives up to the message of the song that “love will get you through”. It’s a feel good record in every way, that is served perfectly for the the listener to take in and enjoy. If you love good music, you will enjoy every second of this must hear record.

Check out Marvin Klein and Umberto “Don’t Call Me Baby” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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