Album Spotlight: MfnCheeks – Viibes

Album Spotlight: MfnCheeks – Viibes

When making a project its important to not only show your talent, but also make music people want to hear. That’s what MfnCheeKS is able to do to a stellar level on his new project “Viibes”. A 9 track project that highlights all of his talents to the fullest.

Each record does it’s job to the fullest with him showing his high knowledge of record making on every song. His presence is felt with his confident flow that he’s mastered, which is evident as soon as you hear him on each song. The features play their part well with a cast of Seventeen Avenue, Cheeze Weez, Re-Plxy, B.Garber, Jon, KFO Marcus, and SENUA , to bring the music more life.

The name is truly the game on the new project “Viibes”. The project is 31 minutes of unlimited vibes that are enjoyable, and that you can let play as you take in the master class that is being displayed for his fans everywhere.

Stand out Tracks: Rock You, Ashanti, and Diik Wizard

Check out MfnCheeKS “Viibes” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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