LUURK – Sustituto

LUURK – Sustituto

The best part about having a music platform is discovering incredible music. Hearing high level skills from all over and hearing artists like LUURK who sounds like a star in the making, as he delivers a smash on his new song “Sustituto”.

LUURK is a super talent that can’t be denied. He gives incredible skill all over “Sustituto” with him taking us on a musical journey over this fun production that feels good to the soul. His story telling is on point while his flow is marvelous and a chorus that makes it a radio hit.

LUURK’s “Sustituto” is a true display of musical craftsmanship with him delivering an undeniable performance at every level. His flow rides the waves of the production, the lyrics are engaging in every line that makes it connect to the listener, and it’s all delivered to perfection to make this a must hear for music lovers everywhere.

Check out LUURK “Sustituto” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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