Stockz x Jigga Juice- Feelin This

Stockz x Jigga Juice- Feelin This

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is having an incredible start to the weekend. If you need help starting the weekend off right, then you’ve come to the right place, as we make it a point to bring the best music out there. Some of the best out there comes from Stockz and Jigga Juice with their super dope collab “Feelin This”.

Stockz and Jigga Juice get all the way in their bag on the new song “Feelin This”. Their talent is undeniable with flows filled with charismatic energy, that grabs you in instantly, as they flex this presence every which way possible to put on a must hear show. They’re not all flow with the lyrics being filled with game, dropping slick wordplay, through out their verses that make this record that should be bumping out your speakers immediately.

Stockz and Jigga Juice “Feelin This” is that infectious music that you feel in your chest. The pair brings excitement every second of the track to make it, a stand out song filled with engaging elements that hold your attention till the song ends, and will have you hitting replay again on not only the audio, but the visuals as well.

Check out Stockz and Jigga Juice “Feelin This”  below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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