Chuuwee – Taking Time

Chuuwee – Taking Time

As much as music can be tough to make for some artists, it must be even tougher dropping consistent quality music. Making sure every release its up to par with the standard you’ve set for yourself to give your fans each time. That pressure made a diamond in Chuuwee who makes fire every time including his latest effort “Taking Time”.

Chuuwee continues to marvel musically with “Taking Time” being the latest addition to his amazing catalog. The production is super smooth, and has that feel the makes lean back all the way in the seat, as he kicks his impressive lyrics that shine in each quote worthy bar. The flow has the perfect cadence that has an authentic feel to, tell the story just right on this special record he gives us.

Chuuwee’s “Taking Time” is record that’s not only amazing but makes you wonder how he is able, to perform at such a high level consistently. He understands music making at high level, and it’s evident in the music, as he not only knows how to show off his gold standard emceeing, but also able to make music the world wants to hear.

Check out Chuuwee “Taking Time” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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