Mr Serv-On x Frayser Boy – Legend

Mr Serv-On x Frayser Boy – Legend

Something that will never get old is a record that doesn’t hold back. That music that as soon as you hit play, it’s engaging and you take the music in to the fullest. That type of music will always be exciting and excitement is what you got from the new song from Mr Serv-On and Fryaser Boy called “Legend”.

Mr Serv-On and Frayser Boy come together to make must hear music on the new song “Legend”. They both waste little time grabbing the listener’s attention, as they flex their lyrical prowess, and accolades over this hard production with bounce. The flows are packed with extreme bravado and it comes across well in the music to make everything knock just right.

Mr Serv-On and Frayser Boy “Legend” embodies everything it means to be a Hip Hop legend. The music is focused high energy at it’s finest, as they come together to make the culture shake. Everything is done at a stellar level to make music with unlimited replay value, that is just waiting on you to press play and enjoy.

Check out Mr Serv-On and Frayser Boy “Legend” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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