Dennis Lloyd – Alien

Dennis Lloyd – Alien

Happy Friday Eve! Hope every one has been making it through the week during these crazy times. We always try to help with that, with posting the music that is not only great, but feels good to hear as well, and that’s what we’re able to accomplish with the new song from Dennis Lloyd called “Alien”.

Dennis Lloyd makes music that is out of this world on his new song “Alien”. The production is packed with grooves that are universal , can make any part of the world dance. The writing is great in it’s articulation, and creativity at it’s finest with a concept that shows the full scope of how innovative music can be to make a jam.

Dennis Lloyd’s “Alien” connects not only with audio but visuals as well to give the record the push it deserves. Everything comes together perfectly to make one must hear cohesive sound, that works magic for this special talent, who makes a record that’s ready for the world.

Check out Dennis Lloyd “Alien” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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