Vasco – Like That

Vasco – Like That

Getting to hear a musicians thoughts come to life, is one of the things that make finding music enjoyable. Being able to take in the creative sounds they choose, to represent their art in a real way. That special creativity you can find in the music of Vasco with his new audio piece of art “Like That”.

Vasco genre blends to an exceptional level on the new song “Like That”. The music is packed with avant garde melodies that grab you immediately, on this record that feels good to hear. The underlying soul feel, matched with incredible vocals helps bring everything to life to make this a record with unlimited replay value.

Vasco’s “Like That” embodies the innovation in his new “The Butter Love Mixtape” mixtape that new and old fans can enjoy alike. The record shows how much creativity is still left in music, with him displaying why he’s becoming everyones new favorite producer.

Check out Vasco “Like That” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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