Kennessy – Wifey

Kennessy – Wifey

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone is starting off the week as strong as possible. We try to start off the week for you just right and with the first post of the day we know for fact we got it right. The record we are talking about is the new smash from Kennessy called “Wifey”.

Kennessy is able to take a popular sound and make it her own on the new song “Wifey”. Her presence is commanding and immediately grabs your attention as she lets her charisma shine visually. The pen is beyond impressive with each bar, being quote worthy, and she delivers each line with the right precision to make it all click just right.

Kennessy’s “Wifey” feels like a break out song for the next big thing. She understands how to make music people want to hear, and visuals they want to see with her latest effort being the ultimate proof. She dares to be great in the music and it pays major dividends for this special talent to let her artistry shine to the fullest.

Check out Kennessy “Wifey” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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