Noora – Fall (Official Video)

Noora – Fall (Official Video)

With so much music, it easy to hear a record and disregard it after hearing it, but some records keep you listening. Some records you have to hear repeatedly, to take it in just right, and try to understand the special sound you’re hearing. That’s what Noora has on her song “Fall”.

Noora has a song that when you hear it, you will listen to it repeatedly on the new song “Fall”. The singing is infectious with her great ability, to convey emotion, as she masters her tone to perfection on this special record. The writing is super relatable and makes you feel the music even more as she makes art on this one of a kind audio.

Noora’s “Fall” is that type of music that keeps you invested and looking out for what she does next. She makes must hear music, and not only allows her artistry to shine, but her personality on the record too to make you become attached and an instant fan.

Check out Noora “Fall” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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