RiFF RAFF Featuring Yelawolf – Water Whippin Wizard (Prod by OMGRONNY)

RiFF RAFF Featuring Yelawolf – Water Whippin Wizard (Prod by OMGRONNY)

A key for a sound to stand out is creativity. That special thing that changes the way people approach and hear music. Creativity is key on stand out being able to set yourself apart from everyone else. RiFF RAFF his signature sound you need on his new record “Water Whippin Wizard” featuring Yelawolf.

RiFF RAFF and Yelawolf link up to put on a show on the new record “Water Whippin Wizard”. Both coming together to make incredible must hear music. Starting from the production by OMGRONNY that is engaging as soon as you hear it, with it being layered in creative sounds and bass to make music like you’ve never heard. The pair bring incredible value with their high energy engaging rap style, that works magic all over this beat.

RiFF RAFF featuring Yelawolf “Water Whippin Wizard” is everything collaborating is about, with both of them putting their talents together to achieve the goal of making super dope music. It doesn’t lack in any category of Hip Hop and is a record you should listen to now!

Check out RiFF RAFF featuring Yelawolf “Water Whippin Wizard” and follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends!



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