Cam James Featuring JOÉL – Options

Cam James Featuring JOÉL – Options

Music is quite the special tool. As it is something that can set the right mood and put you in the right spirit no matter what. That feel good energy that keeps the world moving forward, is in the music we choose to listen to and if you’re ready for that special sound that feels good then hit play on the new song from Cam James called “Options” featuring JOÉL.

Cam James and JOÉL step up and knock this new record “Options” out the park. The production sets the perfect tone with a danceable throwback feel, with a certain sophistication to it that’s just right and meshes well the superb rhyming done by Cam James . The flow slides on air through this track, with them being as fluid as water, as the lyrics are great in their articulation of the playboy lifestyle, and complimented by a great hook o make it must hear in every way.

Cam James featuring JOÉL “Options” is the perfect Summer record that’s just in time, as everything clicks like it was truly destined to, with a record that’s packed with musical gold. If you love good music you owe it to yourself to check out this special talent displayed on this record, because it is definitely worth the listen.

Check out Cam James featuring JOÉL “Options”  below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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