Amaru Cloud – Andale

Amaru Cloud – Andale

Hip Hop has always been about being original and creative. Having your own style has always gotten artists a lot further than following trends ever have. In Hip Hop we are always looking for the new thing to buy into and Amaru Cloud sounds like that new fresh artist on his new song “Andale”.

Amaru Cloud has a star presence that grabs you right away on his new song “Andale”. It’s instantly engaging and exciting as he gives you a flow approach that packed with major flavor that makes every second great to here. Amaru’s lyrics are swagger filled and carried with the right bravado to sell his braggadocios approach perfectly.

Amaru Cloud’s “Andale” is brilliant in it’s approach as it masters the art of showing high skill, while still being digestible for the masses. Amaru dives deep into his creativity and has a sound that will make you a fan instantly that will get him very far in this game.

Check out Amaru Cloud “Andale” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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