Trizz & Ouija Macc – Darker

Trizz & Ouija Macc – Darker

With everyone having to stay inside, more and more artists are releasing music, but an artist who hustle has been relentless no matter the conditions is Trizz. A super talented artist who music making skills are as natural as breathing for him. With his latest release “Darker” he links with Ouija Macc and shows off their pens to the fullest.

Trizz and Ouija Macc displays supreme emceeing on this new release “Darker”. They’re both equally impressive over this commanding production that sets a tone hard enough to match the lyrics, as they step right in pocket with raw flows. They’re lyrically on another level giving you some of their best rhyming today as the punchlines stand out more than ever.

Trizz and Ouija Macc’s “Darker” is pure Hip Hop at it’s finest. Emcees stepping up to show, it’s more than making words but actually having power in your approach to demand not only the respect of fans but counterparts alike, on what is a stellar display of music to keep Hip Hop alive.

Check out Trizz and Ouija Macc “Darker” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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