Hayden – Feel It

Hayden – Feel It

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone is starting the week off fresh, and ready to enjoy some good music. Monday’s are all about excellence. The music that’s instantly engaging and must hear. A song that lives up to that to the fullest is the new song from Hayden called “Feel It”.

Hayden makes music that is beyond subjectivity, and is a record that anyone will love as soon as they hear it on the new song “Feel It”. It’s genius level music that grabs you right away, with a bright sound that sounds like the energy of any party. The swagger on the vocals is infectious and lets his presence be felt majorly like the star he is.

Hayden’s “Feel It” is the perfect display of music to show all of his many talents. He laces this production with feel good vibes you can’t deny, perfect songwriting, and vocally rocks the record from beginning to end on this instant smash.

Check out Hayden “Feel It” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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