Rich Caviar – Russian Gucci Priest

Rich Caviar – Russian Gucci Priest

Some artist just have presence. A certain type of flair about them that make them stand out. A confidence that stands out in the music, that makes you buy in instantly to see what they have to offer. That type of presence is a star quality you don’t find from just anywhere, but some people just have it and Rich Caviar has that on the new song “Russian Gucci Priest”.

Rich Caviar has undeniable flavor on the new song “Russian Gucci Priest”. He sounds like he knows he’s headed to the top, as he flexes all over this track with amazing bravado that makes you enjoy every second. The flow is strong and the lyrics are stronger with everything clicking just right, on this exciting Hip Hop record.

Rich Caviar’s “Russian Gucci Priest” is that Hip Hop people want to hear. That engaging music that makes the music worth hearing, and sharing with others. He doesn’t waste a sing second of your time, or audio on this special record that will have you rocking from beginning to end.

Check out Rich Caviar “Russian Gucci Priest” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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