Earth Invader – Klaramek – Don’t Rush

Earth Invader – Klaramek – Don’t Rush

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and will have an even better weekend. We try to give you the best on Fridays. Records that we feel are special in their approach. That special record that we know you will love is from Earth Invader and Klaramek on the new song “Don’t Rush”.

Earth Invader and Klaramek come together to make music that is packed with soul on the new song “Don’t Rush”. The song sounds like the love child of Sade’s “Keep Looking” and Loose Ends “Don’t Be a Fool”. The production sets an ambient feel that the vocals mesh well with perfectly, with songwriting that can get you through your darkest days on this one of a kind piece of audio.

Earth Invader and Klaramek’s “Don’t Rush” is that music that makes you slow down in a world that’s always going. It has a blissful optimistic feel to it that, makes you reflect before you give life another go. If you need that special music that connects to the soul, then you must hear this record now.

Check out Earth Invader and Klaramek “Don’t Rush” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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