John Alex Harper – Adamantium

John Alex Harper – Adamantium

To say there is an overflow of new music is an understatement. Plenty of music coming from everywhere, an artist has to truly make a statement with their release to stand out. John Alex Harper brings it to the fullest on his new song “Adamantium”.

John Alex Harper brings a style that is refreshing with his new song “Adamantium”. He spits masterfully with a flow is fluid and relentless over a chilled out, soulful production that is pure Hip Hop gold. John not is not only on point with the flow, but the lyrics as well that are sharp, and cut through this production with ease, to make must hear music.

John Alex Harper’s “Adamantium” is that pure Hip Hop that connects with the listener every time. John lets his talents shine in a real way to make everything click just right. Everything is upper echelon from the flow, lyrics, and delivery to make a masterpiece.

Check out John Alex Harper “Adamantium” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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