Tomggg x Lil Ice x Ada Shih – Misunderstand (yuigot Remix)

Tomggg x Lil Ice x Ada Shih – Misunderstand (yuigot Remix)

New music is meant to be fresh. It’s meant to be exciting and bring something new to your life that you didn’t have before. That new fresh thing can come in many different sounds of audio. Some harsh and some smooth and melodic. Tomggg brings a creative approach when he links with Lil Ice and Ada Shih on the “Misunderstand” remix by yuigot.

Tomggg adds flair with the yuigot Remix to “Misunderstand”. The songwriting still shines more than ever on this incredible work, while the vocal performance brings the point home and with the remix it makes the song the ultimate jam, bringing exciting energy to the song that makes it more enjoyable than ever.

Tomggg featuring Lil Ace and Ada Shih “Misunderstand (yuigot Remix)” is the perfect follow up to an amazing record for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. It’s everything you can hope to hear and more when you press play on a track from, amazing production with an infinite amount of great energy, while still letting the songwriting and singing shine bright as ever.

Check out Tomggg featuring Lil Ice and Ada Shih “Misundersand (yuigot Remix)”  below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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