Limón Limón – Barcelona Night

Limón Limón – Barcelona Night

Times have been crazier than they’ve ever been. With tensions high, it nice to have a record that serves as an escape, and brings a certain fun, as well as peace that life needs right now. That what Limón Limón does on their new feel good record “Barcelona Night”.

Limón Limón creates a musical experience that feels good to the soul on the new song “Barcelona Night”. The production sets the perfect feel good tone, with the music being bright, and carrying a breeze that you get swept in, while the vocals play the perfect a narrator for the simpler times, the music captures. The lyrics are superbly written and the story to perfection to make it a must hear.

Limón Limón’s “Barcelona Nighs” is that music that makes hearing new music fun. The music is perfect in it’s articulation and execution, to make the feel good vibes in the music to shine to the fullest. If you need good music in your life Limón Limón has you covered with this amazing record.

Check out Limón Limón “Barcelona Night” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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