Rick Smoove – Can’t Get Right

Rick Smoove – Can’t Get Right

Something that is important for an artist to have is range. Being able to make records across the musical spectrum, with each being done with high quality, determines how far an artist can go. Rick Smoove is known for making big records with great mass appeal to connect to the world, but with his latest record “Can’t Get Right” he takes you deep and takes on real issues in a major way.

Rick Smoove gives some of his most powerful music to date on his new song “Can’t Get Right”. The rapping is powerful with a high powered flow, that carries the intensity needed to make his message felt. The lyrics are heavy and just on time giving a word, that the world needs right now, while still letting his talent shine majorly. He does this all over an amazing production that sets itself as the perfect stage for his art to shine.

Rick Smoove’s “Can’t Get Right” is some of his finest work to date. He dares to be great, and have a voice change during these times that pay major dividends for this amazing talent. He shines not only musically, but culturally to make a masterpiece that embodies everything that makes people fall in love with music.

Check out Rick Smoove “Can’t Get Right” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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