Some artist just have that thing that is unexplainable. That thing you can put your finger on, but you know this is something very special. That’s what DON MARAE brings you. DON MARAE is a rarity in this game with a special sound, packed with that “It” factor that you can’t turn away from. It’s this special thing that makes her so undeniable and with her new release “Crema”.

DON MARAE is not only a great artist, but a master at creating records with “Crema” being a shining example of her art. The production is raw and creative, as it takes you into this new world you must be apart of, with a fun feeling that makes you bounce, as she provides dope vocals and rhyming that’s super engaging for every second.

DON MARAE’s “Crema” is that amazing sound of music you need in your life. It takes you to the times of music being innovative and fun to discover, with a creativity that you don’t find just anywhere. She is truly a star on the rise and has the talent and presence to back it up.

Check out DON MARAE “Crema”  below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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