Reece Lemonius – Something I Can Feel

Reece Lemonius – Something I Can Feel

So many different forms of music are released daily, but nothing beats a big time record. A record that you can hear the artist truly going for it, and know the music will go far. That’s what Reece Lemonius has with the new song “Something I Can Feel”.

Reece Lemonius sounds like a bonafide star on the new song “Something I Can Feel”. The production sets the perfect tone, with a big time sound and amazing synth work, to make it unforgettable. The vocals are perfect for the sound, on this sure hit, as Reece makes his presence felt in a real to deliver the incredible writing.

Reece Lemonius “Something I Can Feel” is a big record that will go to the stars. It exceeds in musical greatness at every turn to make it a record that will last for time to come. If you want good music tune in to this special record now!

Check out Reece Lemonius “Something I Can Feel” below, and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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