Jeffy Villa – Party En La Luna

Jeffy Villa – Party En La Luna

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week and will have an even better weekend. With the world opening back up, everyone is looking for something fresh to do. If you need something fresh look no further than the latest release from Jeffy Villa on the new record “Party En La Luna”.

Jeffy Villa makes undeniable magic on the new record “Party En La Luna”. The production sets the perfect tone with a Reggaetone influence, that sounds ready for the masses to hear. The music is infectious and the vocals come and makes everything feel so right to make a jam you hope never ends.

Jeffy Villa’s “Party En La Luna” is everything that makes music enjoyable and is a record that people will love, as well as dance to. The music is fresh and exciting, while it clicks on every level. From the production, vocals, and songwriting everything is done to a stellar level, to make great music.

Check out Jeffy Villa “Party En La Luna” below and follow him on Instagram! Stay Global my Friends!

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