Almira Zaky – Miss Me

Almira Zaky – Miss Me

Musical genres seem more complex than ever present day. Everyone critiquing if each genre is upholding to the tradition of it, including R&B. Many debate if it still has the soul and feel it had, when it rose to prominence. With records like Almira Zaky’s “Miss Me” it shows there’s still life in the genre.

Almira Zaky lets her talents shine on her new song “Miss Me”. The songwriting is incredible and ultra relatable with subject and writing the world can feel, as well as sing along to. The lyrics are delivered perfectly with a strong performance that has a fresh yet familiar approach that works magic over this great production.

Almira Zaky’s “Miss Me” is nothing short of amazing and is definitely a song that you will want to keep on repeat and show others. The talent shines through as she creates a musical masterpiece and hits the mark in every facet of music.

Check out Almira Zaky “Miss Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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