Tamara Bubble – Squeaky Wheel

Tamara Bubble – Squeaky Wheel

The point of doing art is to be creative and make a statement. Taking ideas from your mind and making them a real tangible thing for the world. Once you give it to the world, it is at the person’s discretion on how they feel about it. Some things are simple and some are polarizing. No one has a more polarizing sound than Tamara Bubble with her new song “Squeaky Wheel” .

Tamara Bubble let’s her unique superstar sound shine on her new song “Squeaky Wheel”.She does what is a rarity in today’s game and that’s take chances to really dives deep into her creativity. Tamara is daring in her approach and creates a unique sound that works incredibly for her, with infectious energy that grabs you immediately and keeps you rocking for every second.

Tamara Bubble’s “Squeaky Wheel” is great music that is truly a work of art. The sound is incredible, the flow is intense, and the lyrics are exciting to create an experience you can only get from this amazing creative, who embodies what it means to truly be an artist.

Check out Tamara Bubble’s “Squeaky Wheel” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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